Wednesday, February 26, 2020

HR Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HR Questions - Essay Example Conducting needs assessment requires a closer evaluation of the requirements of the employee, the responsibilities to be undertaken, and the goals of the organization. Ensuring employees’ readiness would necessitate establishing preparedness of the employee with regards to their motivation, drives and needs, behavior, and basic skills for undertaking current and future responsibilities. Creating a learning environment defines the training materials and resources, including monitoring and administration of the training program. The phase that indicates ensuring transfer of learning means that people involved in the training process must validate knowledge, skill and abilities that were developed through self-management, peer and manager’s support. Developing an evaluation plan is a measure for evaluation and performance of the training program through identification of the learning objectives, selecting an appropriate evaluation design, and undertaking cost-benefit analy sis. Selection of the training method requires determining whether traditional or e-learning methods are most effective for the organizations’ goals. Finally, monitoring and evaluating the program should determine the strengths and weaknesses of the program and address the weaknesses, as required. The two flaws of the ISD model are: (1) in real life setting, organizations rarely follow the exact step-by-step process; and (2) evaluation of its effectiveness is only done at the end-time (Noe: PPT 9). A formal learning entails a planned effort for employees to gain knowledge regarding their specific job requirements. On the other hand, informal learning is a type of learning that is not structured or rigid and is based on a trial and error method, consulting colleagues, and researching for more information through electronic means. Formal training is more preferable in situations that require adherence to rigid, formalized and highly structured strategies to

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