Thursday, December 12, 2019

Workplace Communication Employers and Employees

Question: Discuss about the Workplace Communicationfor Employers and Employees. Answer: Introduction: The purpose of the study is to highlight the issues one face at the workplace due to difference in language and culture. In a work place, communication is the most important factor that helps to maintain a balance among the employers and employees. Failure to communicate properly results in conflicts which can ultimately harm the overall activities of an organization (Miller 2014). In addition to this, lack of proper communication among the employees results in poor teamwork. In fact, when people do not communicate with each other properly, the situation gets worse that often leads to rumors and gossips that hamper organizational productivity. In this study, I shall narrate some incidents that I had to confront at the workplace due to lack of proper communication. Conclusion: With the detailed analysis, it has been found that poor communication in the workplace is one of the major reasons behind the poor performance of an organization. I have highlighted a number of incidents where I had to face major troubles due to lack of proper communication among the members of the organization. However, I have understood that dialogic communication plays a vital role in exchanging ideas and opinions among the peer workers in an organization. I have developed my communication skills to a large extent and have been working on to improve my communication abilities. Subject learning has given me better chances of understanding others culture and religion. It is very important to understand cultural diversity to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. References: Miller, K., 2014.Organizational communication: Approaches and processes. Nelson Education. Modaff, D.P., Butler, J.A. and DeWine, S.A., 2016.Organizational communication: Foundations, challenges, and misunderstandings. Pearson.

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